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Commercial Solar Panels

Plug into the sun and harness the sun's energy to produce sustainable power, simultaneously reducing your expenses and carbon footprint.

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Solarline Energy specialises in supplying and installing solar and renewable energy solutions for commercial businesses and public sector organisations

Whether your business is large or small, solar energy offers significant advantages. With the potential for substantial electricity cost savings and ample roof space available on commercial properties, a solar panel system becomes a smart and sustainable investment. As most businesses operate during daylight hours, solar panels provide an ideal energy solution, producing green energy to power your company.

Why go solar?

Cost Savings: Solar panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills, providing a predictable and cost-effective source of energy

Tax Benefits: The AIA allows businesses to deduct up to 100% of the price of an eligible item like solar panels before they need to calculate the taxes on their profits. (Ref: GOV.UK)

Clean Energy: Embrace a clean and renewable energy source with solar power, not only lowering your operational costs but also reducing your carbon footprint, making your business a sustainability leader

Long-Term Savings: Solar systems have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance, resulting in continued savings over many years

Resilience to Energy Price Fluctuations: Solar power provides a stable, long-term source of energy, reducing your vulnerability to fluctuating energy prices in the market

Brand Enhancement: Being environmentally responsible can boost your brand’s reputation, differentiating your business in the market and appealing to a broader customer base

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